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Route along the vineyards, winery tour and wine tasting.

In order to get to know our Terroir ( the history/origin of our wines, type of soils, climate, vines conduction, landscape, vegetation, and the scenery we enjoy) our visit routes a tour along the vineyards.
Once in the winery, we show and explain in detail our vinification process and wine ellaboration.
All completed with a full detailed tasting of all our wines ( Auzells, Macabeu Finca Racons, Vilosell and Geol).
Our winemakers, oenologists, owner-proprietor or export manager will conduct this visit.
Visit may include a tour along the village.

- Duration: within 2 and 3 hours long.
- Price: 150 €euro ( 16 pax maximum). In case of bigger groups, 15€ per person added.
- Date and Timetable: to be set up.
- Languages: Spanish/English.

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