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Tomàs Cusiné celebrates 10th anniversary

#10yearsofflight with the media at a Michelin star restaurant

The entrepreneur and wine producer Tomàs Cusiné decided to create the winery that bears his name in 2003. It was a planned as a 30-years project of which 10 have already gone by.
A meal was prepared by the Michelin star restaurant Malena and its chef Xixo in order to commemorate this first decade of work at the cellar. The event, which was attended by representatives of the mainstream media had Tomàs Cusiné and the CEO of the winery Xavier Cepero, who commented on the present and the future of the company.
Tomàs Cusiné has achieved an annual production of over 400.000 bottles of premium wine range which is distributed primarily through restaurants around the world. The winery export 70% of total production to more than 30 countries. The cellar Tomàs Cusiné was appointed Best Winery in Catalunya by the Catalan Association of Sommeliers in 2012.

Tomàs Cusiné is President of The Wine Route Costers del Segre. He is also co-owner of the family wineries Castell del Remei and Cérvoles. Tomàs Cusiné reaches this year his 30th vintage of experience. He is considered today the most experienced producer in Costers del Segre.
In the last few years Cusiné has gone beyond the limits of the DO and now he makes wines from neighboring DO’s, like CARA NORD DO Conca de Barberà, DRAC MÀGIC DO Catalunya and MINERAL DO Montsant.
Tomàs Cusiné has a sustainable management of 100 hectares of mountain vineyards above 700 meters. He has his own winemaking method. He has had repeated scores over 90 points at the most prestigious wine guides. He produces an intense research work with 17 different grape varieties. He works on the recovery of the traditional vineyards. Cusiné has a very developed social responsibility with braille labels and the conservation of the rural architecture. He promotes the wine tourism and promotes forest plans to protect biodiversity. The Celler Tomàs Cusiné is on the list of Spanish companies of high growth. After ten vintages, Cusiné insists on demanding passionate attitude to achieve excellence.

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