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Tomàs Cusiné Winery celebrates 10th anniversary with a special bottle

Vilosell, specially designed

In commemoration of its 10th anniversary, the cellar Tomàs Cusiné has released a commemorative bottle of his wine Vilosell which will be dressed from head to toe. The bottle, especially designed for the occasion, is a limited edition. Inside each box of 6 standards bottles there will be one with the commemorative packaging at no extra cost.
Tomàs Cusiné Winery has achieved in these 10 years the recognition of the international press by placing their wines together with the most prestigious in the country. Tomàs Cusiné works not only with the DO Costers del Segre which originally come from but also in DO Conca de Barberà, Montsant and the Catalunya DO. In #10yearsofflight, Tomàs Cusiné exports his wines up to 70% of the production and this is being channelled into more than thirty countries from four continents.


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