Wines with character from Les Garrigues, at over 700m altitude

“The winery is the first independent project that I began on my own, after having gained some experience at the Castell del Remei and Cérvoles wineries, which have always been family-run. It was in 2003 when I started this adventure, establishing myself in Les Garrigues region. My goal was to produce wines with character that would reflect the expression of the terroir, implementing my own wine philosophy and taking advantage of all the knowledge I had gained on the DO Costers del Segre wine region. A few years later, I focused on consolidating my style by prioritising the work being done in the vineyard along with precision viticulture, which have both been nourished by effort and passion. I hope to continue maintaining and increasing the prestige of my wines”.

Tomàs Cusiné, winemaker

Our selection

Wines produced in our organic and sustainable vineyards at over 700 meters above sea level.